Alpha Phi Alpha Homes prides itself on the service that we provide the residents that are housed within our communities. The services that are provided are carried out through the Department of Supportive Services. Our two primary programs are the Service Coordinator Program and the Alpha Nutrition program. These services are in place with the goal of assisting the residents that live within our various properties to remain independent and be connected to essential and needed services. These programs have increased and maximized resident independence and insured that those who take advantage of the meal program receive the proper nutrition to maintain their health and wellness.

Service Coordinator Program

Alpha Phi Alpha Homes Inc. is proud to have 11 Service Coordinators on staff covering 9 properties throughout Northeast Ohio and Chicago, Ill. Our Service coordinators are responsible for assuring that elderly residents, especially those who are frail or at risk, and those non-elderly residents with disabilities are linked to the specific supportive services they need to continue living independently in our various developments. One of the key goals of our Service Coordinator program is to do all that we can to insure that our residents afforded the opportunity to age in place and remain independent as long as they can through providing and connecting them to needed services.

Through the Department of Supportive Services our Service Coordinators take a proactive approach in linking our residents to both internal and external resources that assist them with daily living. Our Service Coordinator program is focused on outreach and direct social service with the population that we serve in each building. Our coordinators conduct assessments, provide advocacy while introducing educational programming regarding wellness and other community resources. Our coordinators use both formal and informal approaches to successfully serve our resident population

Alpha Nutrition Program

The Alpha Nutrition Program has been in operation since 1980. Throughout the years we have served many people through our program free of charge. This program provides meals to our participating residents to ensure that they receive their proper daily nutrition. Ensuring that they receive proper daily nutritional values promotes healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. The Alpha Nutrition program currently prepares and serves an average of 2500 meals a month to participating residents between 3 meal sites in the Akron area. The program provides lunch and dinner to PASSPORT, Care Coordination, Title III approved homebound seniors or disabled residents 60 years and older.

Our meals are prepared and served fresh daily purchased from local grocers. Our meals are delivered to each site after it preparation to ensure and maintain its freshness and optimal nutritional value. Our kitchen staff takes pride in preparing our delicious meals as our menus are approved by a registered dietician with the Area Agency on Aging. Our goal is to provide nutrition to every program participant to help them maintain their independence while aging in place.